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illujoin for Events

Discover your virtual event's story through insightful data analytics and many other resourceful tools for prosperity.

illujoin + illumeet for Virtual Events

Meet the first event ecosystem that approaches virtual engagements from space planning and attendee journey. Understanding the importance of the user experience and creating a custom road-map, we ideate wire-frames that are as compelling as they are functional, immersive, and engage key audiences.


Our Ecosystem

Our ecosystem incorporates industry relevant applications and facilitates immersive custom interactive 3D - 360 environments (VES), that promote your business, products, sponsors and partners. A multitude of mediums such as live chats, networking opportunities (illutag), video conferencing and webinar solutions (illujoin), digital catalogs (illuflip), games and photo booth (illusnap), seamlessly integrate into our

virtual event platforms (VEP).

A Digital Venue

A virtual event platform acts as a host space to a virtual event, similar to how a convention center or event space would host a live event. Virtual event platforms vary, but the illumeet solution is a comprehensive/responsive solution that integrates illujoin's scalable, customizable, experiential format and a variety of functionalities including immersive

360 spaces that simulate the live journey.

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