illujoin for Telemedicine

Virtually connecting doctors with patients, and other medical professionals to enable healthcare communication like never before

Telehealth - the necessity for doctors and patients alike during this global pandemic

The coronavirus outbreak has effected every life across the world. So, the availability of healthcare technology is extremely helpful in taking down the deadly spreading of virus. The remote monitoring has its own role in delivering care to self-quarantine patients and seek diagnosis through real-time tools like video conferencing with illujoin.

Telemedicine & Patient Care


Hospitals and physician clinics can connect with patients visually to undergo routine checkups, home health and surgical consultations. With illujoin, telemedicine video conferencing provides an expert the opportunity to connect with a medical professional in minutes and provide treatment in time with live-saving diagnosis'.

Healthcare Administration


Physicians and healthcare professionals traveling from one clinic to another for a meeting or discussion within the healthcare team consumes quite a lot of time and travel cost.  illujoin telehealth video conferencing improves the collaboration across the healthcare delivery network and also helps for better decision-making, project management and results in cost-effective savings for everyone.

Medical Education

Innovation in the healthcare system is the next big technological growth. Educating the medical generation through collaboration solutions helps healthcare institutes offer rich content, interactive and with experimental practices. illujoin video conferencing software supplies features to increase the effectiveness of the healthcare process.

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Offering secure video conferencing for patients, doctors and physicians

We know how important your health is, especially at a time like this. illujoin is here to provide the virtual medical solutions you need.

Connects global participants such as Group Video Conferencing

Offering Medical Presentation to Participants over Screen Sharing, or Telecast meeting, live conferences to medical professionals over Live Broadcasting.


Exchange of medical reports, X-rays can be done using Document Sharing

Record the meetings, discussions for later usage over Video Recording

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Educate medical professionals, physicians over Whiteboard

​End to End Encryption is a major security protocol used in illujoin telehealth video conferencing.

To ensure privacy of medical information sharing HIPAA Compatibility makes it possible.​​

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