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illujoin for OEM

The worlds best fully customizable white label webinar platform built entirely in HTML5 and WebRTC

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A videoconferencing platform made for your success

Teleconferencing service providers, carriers, and value added resellers profit from full access and white-labeled illojoin.

Unlimited and open licensing for total control

You define the level of service, you decide the pricing structure, you keep 100% of the revenue — no wholesale costs or revenue sharing, ever.

Fully customizable branding in every detail

Your domain + Your branding = Your system. Full REST API access and customizability that extends to mobile puts you at the forefront of your customers every good experience.

Cut your costs and keep your upside

Present your own company without deploying your own infrastructure. Create your own plans, set your own pricing, and bill customers directly.

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Where superior audio & video quality meets unparalleled collaboration features

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We’re all about win-win situations. Our flat rate entry level pricing means you can sign up an unlimited number of customers and move current customers to your new platform with absolute ease. Design your own pricing plans for your cloud service and integrate with your back-end and provisioning through a powerful API. Host on your own infrastructure or let us take care of it for you. Either way, we offer a turn-key solution that gets you up and running as quickly as possible, without ever limiting your growth.

We are pleased to be a pioneer in the industry when it comes to true white label videoconferencing. Entirely own your environment with personalized domains, branded with your logos, colors of buttons, fonts, and much more. This includes the iOS/Android mobile apps we deploy for you. We know how important building customer loyalty is, so quickly establish your brand identity to focus less on image and more on building your business.

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We've built our platform in WebRTC/HTML5 to bring your customers best-in-class multi-point HD video and full-duplex audio experiences. This specialized solution extends to your branded apps where your customers can collaborate with each other on their desktops, tablets or other mobile devices, and whether it's over WiFi, 3G, or 4G connection.

Many of our partners are sophisticated conferencing service providers, including call providers that offer international, toll-free, operator assisted and high volume conference calls. We’ve built a telco friendly architecture that allows for seamless integration with almost any teleconferencing bridge system. Or we’ll help you find the right provider for your business needs.

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We make running your business a breeze


Protect your data with the highest level of SHA-256 with RSA encryption

Our 24/7 premium Level 2 support helpdesk has your back for every customer issue


Manage and analyze your data in real-time via live data API, and build your own dashboard and controls