Shared Notes

Work together on shared notes

Take notes and share them directly in Illujoin.

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Activate shared notes

In the settings menu choose Workspace. Then select Enable shared notes and apply the settings.

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Open shared notes

Once activated, you can open the shared notes area from the sidebar on the left.

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Start typing

You're ready to go. Just start typing in the shared notes area. Then wait 3 seconds for the updates to be auto-saved.

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Format and add emojis

If you'd like to, you can also format your text and add emojis.

Simple but powerful notes

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Whether you want to take meeting minutes, collect ideas or work collaboratively on any text, our shared notes feature is a very simple but powerful solution. You can use the shared notes feature in 1:1 meetings, video conferences, live streams, webcasts or webinars. You can even format text with simple markup (*bold* _italic_ ~strike~, just like in Slack or any other collaboration tool) and add emojis. If you want to start over, you can clear the notes at any time.