Screen Sharing

Sharing is caring — share your screen with one click

Quickly share your desktop, browser tab, or software application without installing any plugins.

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Click "Screen Share"

Initiate your screen sharing by clicking the screen sharing-icon in your side bar.

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Choose what to share

Select your window, tab or app and start a sharp and smooth sharing experience.

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Even share your audio

If you want to share the audio from your screen, simply check the "Share audio"-box.

Screen Sharing makes your job easier

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Video conferencing saves us the trouble of getting all the right people in one place while working remotely. Screen sharing allows you to show your participants the content of your screen easily to:

  • Live demonstrate a piece of software or an application remotely, without worrying about making your technology work on an unfamiliar piece of hardware.

  • Collaborate on projects with your colleagues, even if one of you is out-of-office. If you want to work directly in a web app of your choice, you can also use our Web Apps-feature.

  • Train your staff or your customers by showing them exactly what to do by sharing your screen with them.

  • Pitch your project to clients remotely. You can also run presentations with our Content Library.