Webinar Recording

Save your best sessions. Record your webinars for later viewing and sharing

Play, edit, share, or download. Wherever you are and whenever you want.

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Record with one click

Record you webinar by clicking the record button at the bottom left-side toolbar. Press it again to stop recording.

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View your saved recordings

Every recording is accessible under 'Recordings' in your left side menu.

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Easily edit or delete recordings

Click the appropriate button right next to the title of your recording

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Share your recordings

Share your recording via email or by sharing a link directly to the recording.

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Download your recordings

Download .mp4 files from the recordings menu to any hard drive or online storage.

Keep them coming back with evergreen webinars

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The benefits of pre-recorded, evergreen webinars:

  • Forget about scheduling repetitive webinars. Make it evergreen by recording it once and having it ready to be viewed at your audiences leisure.

  • Create a bank of trainings or guides for employees.

  • Save the hassle of organizing professional development around schedules or risk missed training.

  • Pre-record your training to be viewed at their convenience.

  • Recording an evergreen webinar saves you the time and money, and can be consumed by viewers whenever and wherever.