Engage participants with polls

Create custom polls for your audience during your video conference.

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Create new poll

During your video conference, switch to your content library and create a new poll.

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Add question and answers

Add your question and answers. You can choose between single and multiple choice questions.

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Open poll

Open your poll and let your participants decide.

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Analyze in real-time

Moderators will be able to see the results of the poll in real-time.

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Share the results

During or after the poll you can share the results of the poll with your audience.

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Organize polls in groups

If you are running multiple polls, you can organize your polls in groups.

Engage with your audience

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Create multiple polls before or during a video conference. You can share the results immediately to all participants in real-time or at a later time. By offering polls, you are able to learn more about your audience:

  • In a virtual classroom setting you can check whether your students can recall information.

  • During a webinar you can gather valuable feedback on your presentation.

  • Before a breakout into group, you can ask for preferences or experience levels.

  • Vote on decisions during a meeting.