Let users change their screen layout

Make video conferencing more user-friendly.

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Let users apply modes

Any participant can apply one of our pre-defined modes for themselves.

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Switch instantly

It's easy for your users to switch between each of those modes.

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Work together efficiently

Your participants can choose between fullscreen, tiled & thumbnail modes. Thumbnail will save screen space by keeping your own video small.

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Drag to resize and rearrange

Tiled and thumbnail mode can be customised by users to fit their viewing experience. Simply drag a border to resize or drag & drop an element's title bar to rearrange.

Provide users full freedom for your session layout

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With our modes feature your participants can choose on of our pre-defined modes. We offer a fullscreen, tiled & thumbnail mode. These are applied instantly and can be used by your audience to select their preferred layout. This is especially useful for video conferences and online meetings where individual participants might have different needs.

If you want to apply a common and custom layout to your audience during a webinar, virtual classroom, webcast or live stream, our layouts feature is the right choice.