Change the layout of your session

Split your screen with just a few clicks and apply your custom layout to your whole audience.

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Enable layouts

Open your workspace settings and activate Enable forced layouts. Apply the changes.

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Add panels

Enjoy high-definition video and audio inside your Illujoin meetings.

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Switch to layout mode

After adding your content sources (i.e. presentation, video, etc.), open the layout mode in the bottom on the right.

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Control the layout

You can resize all elements on the screen and rearrange them as well. By applying your layout, your participants won't be able to change their layout individually.

Fully control the layout of your virtual classroom, live stream, webinar or webcast

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When sharing your screen, playing a video, inviting a co-host or running a poll it can be very useful to split up your screen. This allows you to show multiple content sources within one screen. Our layouts feature allows you to change the layout of your video conference, webcast or webinar in a few clicks. It's very simple and intuitive to use with different content types. For example, video sources will show up besides each other. Additionally, you can display multiple side panels like shared notesQ&A or your media library. This is especially useful for high-end webinars, virtual classrooms webcasts and live streams.


With our modes feature, users can apply their own layout based on our pre-defined modes. This is perfect for online meetings and video conferences.