illujoin for Education

Fully engage your learners and maximize their education with a tool built for their success.

Adaptable, beautiful, collaborative — virtual classrooms as easy as A, B, C

Students, staff, and administration benefit from the expanded reach of video learning.

Expanded reach

No matter where they are or what device teachers and students both have access to their learning environment and full breadth of engagement features right at the fingertips.

100% HTML5 & WebRTC

Hate outdated apps and waiting for downloads? Worry no more! illujoin was built from scratch for a fully browser based and download free experience.

Do more with less

Reduce training costs, time for travel, budget concerns, and scheduling snafus — online learning brings you on-demand learning that's accessible anywhere.

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Videoconferencing that delivers institution wide success

Whether your learners are K-12 or college students, Illujoin for Education makes it easy to enrich their educational experiences. Students can login on their phones, desktops, or other mobile devices and fully participate in class from anywhere in the world. They can ask questions in chat, participate in Q&A or polls, and share/view documents and presentations.

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The demand for ongoing professional training is high in every department. Administrators have to worry about the cost of investing in content and the impact it has on their staff. With online, training faculty can access their materials any time from anywhere, and on any device. The costs of renting space and hosting a training and the time spent on travel and scheduling are concerns of the past. All faculty can benefit from on-demand training at a fraction of typical costs.

Running a school isn't easy. Between students, teachers, parents, and support staff — time is spread thin and every administrator wonders, "how can I get it all done?" Having your meetings online is the answer to an efficient and productive day. Cut your travel time, schedule your meetings right from your inbox, share your screen, and do it on the go from a mobile device. Instead of wishing you had a clone use video meetings to double your efficiency.

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Connect your educational technology to our system for seamless collaboration

No compromise — your data is always protected with the highest level of SHA-256 with RSA Encryption

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