Custom Brand Colors for your Webinars

Match your meetings & webinars to your brand

Use your own colors, add your own graphics, and make the platform your own

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Customize every part of your system

From your waiting and meeting rooms to your profile and dashboard - every aspect of your software can match your brand.

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Granular customization in every detail

When we say full customization we mean full. Edit colors of: text, links, backgrounds, icons, fields, pictures and more.

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Consistency throughout your experience

Whether it’s in browser or on a mobile device; your custom branding will always be a consistent and unfailing.

Make it personal, with illujoin

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Why re-brand your webinars & meetings:

  • Face-to-face, you’re an immaculate professional - you dress up, you smile, you practice presentations, and make sure your materials are organized. It would only make sense that your online meetings complement the hard work you put into every impression you make.

  • By customizing your Illujoin environment you bring an extra layer of professionalism to your meetings & webinars. Seeing your branding colors (on our world-class technology) gives an audience more confidence to trust you with their attention.

  • Spend your time growing your business and servicing your existing customers without worrying about being memorable. Growth, profit, and maximizing your value should be your focus - presentation and reliability, is ours.