Content Library

Upload and share files with your audience

Share audio, video, text, spreadsheets, databases and even YouTube videos.

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Open your content library

The content library is available during any webinar or video conference.

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Create folders

To organize your content efficiently, you can create folders.

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Upload files

Upload any of our supported file types or add a YouTube video.

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Present content to audience

Show previously uploaded files to your participants.

Show previously uploaded files to your participants.

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With our content library you are able to share various files with your audience. You can upload images or videos and play them directly in your illujoin session. When you share a PDF document, image, presentation or similar file type, you can even use our annotation tools. These can be used to highlight a specific element, add text to a document or collaborate on an idea. Use your files just like you were sitting together with your audience in the same room in front of your computer.