Breakout Rooms

Use sub-groups for group work during your meeting or virtual online class

Offer a dedicated space for your participants or students to work on group assignments and pull them back afterwards.

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Configure access settings

When setting up the scheduled meeting, enable breakout rooms in the settings.

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Create breakout rooms

Choose how many breakout rooms you need and how you want to assign your participants.

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Start breakout rooms

Start the breakout rooms to divide your participants into groups.

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Ask for help

During the breakouts, participants can ask for help.

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Join breakout rooms

If your participants need help, you can join any breakout room.

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Broadcast messages

You can broadcast a message to announce the end of the group activity or other important messages.

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End breakout rooms

Pull back your participants to the meeting.

Let your participants break up into groups

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With Illujoin you can divide your participants into smaller groups. This can be useful for group work, interactive collaboration, brainstorming sessions or discussions. By enabling breakout rooms, you can create multiple breakout rooms during your meeting at any time. You can assign users manually to a breakout room or you can choose to automatically divide your users to the breakout rooms. Moderators can broadcast a message to all rooms and join a breakout room if needed.