Extensive API & LTI/LMS integration

Integrate with your existing technology

Integrate Illujoin with your IT systems or any other third-party tools for seamless interoperability. You can even build your own custom software based on our API.

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1. Use our RESTful Service

The Illujoin API is a state-of-the-art RESTful Web Service. It accepts requests using standard HTTP methods.

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2. Create GET requests

When making GET requests, all parameters are passed as URL/querystring parameters.

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To use PUT, POST, DELETE requests, all parameters must be passed in the request body.

Explore our extensive API

Our RestFUL API provides seamless integration with any IT systems or other third-party tools. More than that, you can create your software or apps with our API. With Postman, we allow scalable API testing and ensure a streamlined collaboration so you can build better integrations.

We are working hard to continuously improve and enhance our API for software developers who want to leverage our video conferencing platform.

  • Bypass our account center with our API since almost all features related to account management are available

  • Resellers and OEM partners can use our API to create unique experiences, localized to any language

  • Our API also offers full support of teleconferencing systems and payment gateways

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api_feature_screenshot_4 2.jpg

Integrate with your IT systems, learning management platforms or other third party tools for seamless interoperability.